Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

We are Thankful

Emerson is thankful for the world.
Ledger is thankful for his cat.
Sophia is thankful for her teacher.
Bowdy is thankful for the earth and the state.
Allie is thankful for her whole entire family.
Riley is thankful for clothes.
Jared is thankful for trees.
Eli is thankful for soldiers.
Casey is thankful for her dogs.
Chloe is thankful for her cousin.
Lucy is thankful for her mom.
Aidan is thankful for his family.
Katelyn is thankful for Kirsten.
Landon is thankful for Jesus and God.
Jacob is thankful for his dad.
Zoey is thankful for God.
Sarah is thankful for her friends.
Justin is thankful for food.
Kavi is thankful for our school.
Ashlyn is thankful for Thanksgiving.
Aimee is thankful for water.
Autumn is thankful for books.

Nursery Rhyme Video

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What does the President do?

  • Casey “He works for helping somebody.”
  • Allie “They go to schools and help kids.”
  • Autumn “The president helps people when they’re sick.”
  • Jared “If someone was very bad they would go to his building.”
  • Jacob “He decides what President is next.”
  • Riley “He makes the laws.”
  • Emerson “He helps other kids that are sick.”
  • Kavi “He takes care of people.”
  • Eli “He runs the United States of America.”
  • Zoey “He’s in charge.”
  • Katelyn “He talks to people so they will vote for them.”
  • Chloe “He works on the computer.”
  • Aimee “He opens up hospitals.”
  • Ashlyn “They get voted at.”
  • Aidan “He helps other people and he works on the computer and he has lots of meetings and he helps everyone when they have a flat tire and he got voted because everybody liked what he said and he goes on a lot of meetings.”
  • Lucy “He works on papers.”
  • Ledger “If somebody’s fighting the President can stop them because he like separates them like this *pushing hands apart motion*.”
  • Sarah “He works at the White House.”
  • Justin “He talks to people about the country.”
  • Landon “The president works on the computer.He reads words on there.”
  • Sophie “He types emails.”

Monday, November 10, 2008


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