Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What does the President do?

Suhani- Presidents help people.
Ella- They fly to differenet places.
Sydney- He eats lots of food.
Brendan- He does wars.
Fernando- The president travels to countries.
Dylan- He tells everyone something.
Kyle- He works hard to keep the planet safe.
Noe- He cleans up his mess. 
Mason H.- He helps people.
Katie- He bes nice to everyone around the world.
Riley- He takes care of his family.
Will- He likes to be nice to people 'cause he's the president.
Andrew- He makes his own bed.
Winston- He does everything in the world.
Rhett- If the people don't have houses, he helps people build them.
Chase- He gets dressed.
Mason D.- He helps people to work.
Bella- They do their jobs.
Walker- He helps save the world.