Friday, April 29, 2011

"Tell me about the Royals..."

Our very own Will & Kate
Riley-They Kiss.
Winston- They only have big chairs.
Will- They only eat fancy foods always.  Like chicken with peas.
Chase- They say that voice [British accent].
Bella- They look fancy.
Kyle- They talk British.
Suhani- They have royal dresses.
Katie- They have fancy bathrooms.
Mason D.- They live in a castle.
Ella- They only dress fancy.
Andrew- The king wears a hat.  Golden maybe.
Mason H.- They dance.
Sydney- They use sporks.
Rhett- They have fancy forks.
Eden- They live happily ever after all.
Sarah- They wear fancy shoes. 
Walker- They send you to the dungeon.  No one can escape from the dungeon.
Fernando- Kings save the princess.