Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We are Thankful

Avery is thankful for his dog.

Jung-Soo is thankful for his church.

Sofie is thankful for her baby sister.

Campbell is thankful for her family.

Mason is thankful for Christmas.

Philip is thankful for Thanksgiving.

Parker Grace is thankful for food.

Lily is thankful for her sister.

Noah is thankful for his teachers.

Ainsley is thankful for her friends.

Connor is thankful because he knows how to read.

Ethan is thankful for his baby cousin.

Sophie is thankful for her mom and dad.

Evyatar is thankful for Halloween.

Ava is thankful for her heart.

Ashley is thankful for all her friends in our class and her teacher.

Ryan is thankful for Easter.

Sanju is thankful for Bledsoe.

Isabella is thankful for toys.

Adam is thankful for his brain. 

Merit is thankful for the earth.

Bennett is thankful for his sisters and brothers.

Friday, November 4, 2011


In honor of our KC (Kindness and Compassion) Club kickoff and 43 Acts of Kindness in memory of Steve Damm, our class gathered things from around our classroom and treasure box to donate to Operation Christmas Child.  These items will be sent to children in need in another country for the holidays!
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It Drives Me Batty When.....

Jung-Soo "It drives me batty when my brother plays games with me the wrong way."
Ainsley "It drives me batty when we fight over stuff."
Isabella "It drives me batty when my brother jokes to me and kind of drives me crazy."
Evyatar "It drives me batty when my sister keeps crying."
Mason "It drives me batty when my brother doesn't play games with me."
Sophie "It drives me batty when my sisters are mean to me."
Ryan "It drives me batty when on Halloween my Daddy is wearing a costume."
Avery "It drives me batty when my brother doesn't play video games with me."
Sanju "It drives me batty when my friend doesn't share with me."
Lily "It drives me batty when my brother destroys the stuff I make."
Ashley "It drives me batty when my mom yells at me."
Noah "It drives me batty when my sister hits me and I go tell my mom."
Bennett "It drives me batty when my sister plays Mario Brothers without me."
Adam "It drives me batty when my Daddy teases me and I don't want him to."
Sofie "It drives me batty when my sister plays teacher with me."
Parker Grace "It drives me batty when my brother chases me around like a maniac."
Connor "It drives me batty when my sister thinks everything's hers."
Ethan "It drives me batty when my cousin hits me."
Merit "It drives me batty when my brother dresses up in his Halloween costume and comes into my room and bothers me."
Campbell "It drives me batty when my sister fights over my dog."
Philip "It drives me batty when people have scary decorations on Halloween."
Ava "It drives me batty when my sister comes in my room."

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We sorted different kinds of apples.

We tasted red, yellow, and green apples.

We made applesauce!  This is the before picture.

We observed the inside and parts of an apple.
 (We did not eat these since they were turning brown!)

The applesauce is done cooking!  Next, we taste the homemade applesauce. 


Our Team, Harris' Heroes, before the Pep Rally

Our Team is in 1st Place!


When we studied the four seasons at the beginning of the year, each group decorated a tree together.

Monday, September 12, 2011

What is The Daily 5?

In Literacy instruction, the classroom structure I use is called "Daily 5."  Soon your child will be talking about "The Daily 5" at home if they have not already told you about it.  The purpose of this post is to explain to you what The Daily 5 is. 

The Daily 5 is a literacy structure that teaches independence and gives children the skills needed to create a lifetime love of reading and writing.  It consists of five tasks that are introduced individually.  When introduced to each task, the children discuss what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like to engage in the tasks independently.  Then, the children work on building their stamina until they are successful at being independent while doing that task. 

The five tasks include:
1. Read to Self
2. Read to Someone
3. Listen to Reading
4. Work on Writing
5.  Word Work

When all five tasks have been introduced and the children are fully engaged in reading and writing activitites, I am able to work with small Guided Reading Groups and confer with children one-on-one. 

In between the tasks, I am doing whole-group mini-lessons on phonics, reading strategies, word wall words, writing, etc.

I look forward to see your children grow in reading and writing this year! 
Thank you for you support!
Mrs. Harris

Information for this post was adapted from a letter written by Allison Behne

Friday, April 29, 2011

"Tell me about the Royals..."

Our very own Will & Kate
Riley-They Kiss.
Winston- They only have big chairs.
Will- They only eat fancy foods always.  Like chicken with peas.
Chase- They say that voice [British accent].
Bella- They look fancy.
Kyle- They talk British.
Suhani- They have royal dresses.
Katie- They have fancy bathrooms.
Mason D.- They live in a castle.
Ella- They only dress fancy.
Andrew- The king wears a hat.  Golden maybe.
Mason H.- They dance.
Sydney- They use sporks.
Rhett- They have fancy forks.
Eden- They live happily ever after all.
Sarah- They wear fancy shoes. 
Walker- They send you to the dungeon.  No one can escape from the dungeon.
Fernando- Kings save the princess.