Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Class Winter Party!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gingerbread Man Writing

In our Gingerbread Man unit this week, we wrote what we think the Little Old Lady or the Little Old Man said when the Gingerbread Man popped out of the oven!

Casey- She said, “How is he alive?”
Chloe- She said “Oh no!”
Lucy- She said “The gingerbread girl is really pretty.”
Aidan- He said “You little gingerbread man, you'd better come back!”
Katelyn- She said “It is weird that he came alive.”
Landon- He said “WOWIE!”
Jacob- He said “How come the gingerbread popped out of the oven?”
Zoey- She said “Come back!”
Sarah- She said “Come back little gingerbread girl!”
Aimee- She said “Good Gracious!”
Ledger- He said “Gingerbread Man, you want a piece of me?”
Justin- He said “You have to come back!”
Sophia- She said “Get back in the oven!”
Emerson- She said “Oh my gosh!”
Autumn- She said “You better come back!”
Eli- He said “Oh my gosh! You better come back!”
Jared- He said “Gingerbread man, I’m going to get that fox out here and see if he can catch you!”
Riley- He said “Holy cow!”
Allie- She said “I’m going to chase you!”
Bowdy- He said “You’d better come back or the fox will eat you!”
Ashlyn- She said “Oh my goodness gracious!”